Like alcohol infusion itself, the idea for Aged & Infused wasn't created overnight…but it was well worth the wait. Born out of Chicago-based duo Jessie and John's love for a damn good drink, these kits helped them solve the age-old question, "Do I really want this shot of birthday cake vodka?"

One holiday, Jessie wanted to give John a gift with a personal touch. Since they both loved bourbon and whiskey, she played with some infusions, gave him her favorite combo and Aged & Infused was born. Jessie and John made alcohol infusion into a regular pastime, trying out seemingly tasty ingredients like bacon (hint: not as good as it sounds) and chilies (god, no) until they landed on winners.

After doling out unique alcohol infusions to brothers, roommates, co-workers and nearly everyone in their immediate social network, they wanted to give the gift of easy at-home alcohol infusion to everyone (like you!).